Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Metaphors

Because it's Mother's Day, I'd be remiss not to write a post about one of the most influential people in my life, my momma.  My madre.  My mommykins.  What would I do without this woman?  I shudder at the thought!  And so, in honor of this special day, I've written a series of highly engaging metaphors to describe her.  No, I do not have a life.

My Mom

My mom is the glue that binds together our mildly dysfunctional (but oh so fun) family.

My mom is a sponge that absorbs all of my tears, my fears, my joys, and my sorrows.

My mom is the cheerleader that attends (or begs me to let her attend) every single event that pertains to my life, good or bad.

My mom is my backbone, holding me upright with her encouragement, advice, and sound words.

My mom is the jam in my jelly roll.  What this means, I am not sure.  Jeremy told it to me.  I thought it was funny.  I posted it.  Mom, you are the jam in my jelly's true!

Mom, I love you more than words can ever express!  Thanks for letting me cry to you more in the last two years than I've cried to you in my whole life (Except for that time when I was three and you caught me on video having a temper tantrum.  There were a lot of tears involved in that one!).  You're the bestest person in the whole wide world. 

Happy Mother's Day!

 A:  Sweet hair, Mom!
B:  Can anyone say Holy Laura Ashley attack?  Thems some scary outfits!

Now go tell your mom how much you love her!

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  1. i hope god could bless them for us every day we only wish them only luck because thay are the ones who are holding our tears, our fears and our sorows they are the ones who are feeling us every day god bless you now i am all in tears for all mothers in life the only thing i wish to tell you is i love you and god bless you always in life

    from:dana in kuwait and she loves you